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Christmas is coming!

Posted 8/11/2020

Yesterday the Christmas decorations went up in the shop! Yes its far too early,

Pottery Christmas Tree lampsPottery Christmas Tree lamps

but we wanted to cheer the shop up for re-opening and besides its hard to do it when the shops open. Once the outdoor tree arrives, we can arrange our Christmas light switch on, and for the first time Zoom with Santa! 

Santa has kindly agreed to chat to the kids over the internet, while an elf will come along to the shop to help make sure the presents get to the children. I do enjoy organising the events, I think its the anticipation of everyone having a good time. Of course these days the events are a lot more subtle then before covid. Now we have to encourage customers to book ahead of time, we have to work out how long customers will be using their table for and we seem to constantly be asking them to put masks on, stay 2 meters apart, only one household per table and to stay at their table as much as possible. Gone are the times customers could drop in to an event at the spear of the moment, gone are the times we could be packed full of happy faces, excited children and the lovely sound of people talking and laughing. 

Decopatch Christmas itemsDecopatch Christmas itemsOn the plus side we still have our business, so many Paint your own Potteries have already fallen victim to covid, with not enough customers and not enough financial help, then all too often there's nothing else that can be done but close for good.

So I guess that's another reason I enjoy the events, every one of them reminds me how wonderful our community is, they come out and support us, and the charities we raise money for, we truly are blessed to be part of this amazing community.Jo

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