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A Christmas Thought

Posted 24/12/2020

I think we can safely say this Christmas is very different from last Christmas, but is it a bad Christmas? 

For some people this year has been horrendous, losing their job or being a front line worker-working long tiring hours, losing a love one- not necessarily to covid, but still having to have a small funeral without hugging their family and friends. Businesses like ours have struggled and many have decided to call it a day not having the money or energy to fight any more, no one has gone untouched by the disease that didn't even have a name this time last year. Now to cap it all many of us won't be able to spend Christmas with our loved ones, we can't pop to the pub, or have Christmas gatherings with work mates, friends, family and then other family. I for one, am really missing my sisters family who live in Japan, my nieces are 2 and 5 years old and they visit every Christmas, but this year I won't be able to hug them, be woken by them at 5am, I won't get to hear the wisdom of young minds and the true unencumbered laugh of a small person. 

So we have every reason to feel sad, angry, depressed and fed up.

However I've just spent 20 mins on face time with my nieces as they get ready for bedOrigami SantaOrigami Santa and I'm eating breakfast. The 5 year old talked me through making an origami Santa, the 2 year old showed me her princess dress and there were tried tears as the excitement over flowed, and the kids cried as well!

I am so lucky to be able to video call them, to talk as if they are only in the next house, to see how they have grown. 

Instead of feeding 9 this Christmas, me and my husband will cook just for ourselves, but we are blessed with a full cupboard of food and a warm house, we will have door step chats with our parents and phone calls to my 96 year old Nan who has a whole care home keeping her safe, well fed and loved while we can't visit. So this Christmas is different, but its not bad, and it'll make next Christmas feel all the more special when we can be together again and I'm sure the last year will be a distance memory. 

This year focus on to the good times, they are still here, even if they are smaller and less of them, look for the good it is all around you if you want to find it. Think about all the wonderful things to come in the New Year, we know for definite that the days will get longer and warmer again, but isn't anything possible if we want it enough? Jo

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