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Clay Capers

Posted 15/11/2020

I spent the second week of our lockdown in Wales cutting flat Christmas shapes out of clay, and I have to say I rather enjoyed myself.

Clay shapes dryingClay shapes drying

I set up my slab roller on the kitchen table, then wedged and rolled clay slab after clay slab. Using cookie cutters I cut out nearly 300 tree, angels, holly leaves, bells and snowmen. Each shape had a small hole punched in to be able to hang it, and I then spent hours turning each one so they dried evenly.


Loading the kilnLoading the kiln

Clay has be completely dry before it goes in the kiln for firing, so now a week later I was able to load the kiln, but not before spending 2 hours sanding each shape so there was no rough edges. The kiln is about 3 hours into its 13.5 hour fire, it will reach 1063 degrees centigrade then slowly start to cool, this will take a further 15 hours. Once done the flat Christmas shapes will be ready to sell in the shop for customers to paint. Its a long process, so I'm glad its only once a year! Jo.

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