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The day after...

Posted 18/10/2020

Its safe to say our first Hedgehog Day went well! The staff worked so hard, the tables were full, Carol from Hedgehog helpline did 4 talks andPart of the fund raising stallPart of the fund raising stall

we had 4 craft and fund raising stalls outside. We raised £99 on the raffle and £173.80 on the fund raising stall outside. I have to say I'm a little disappointed the sewing table on eBay still hasn't had any bids placed, despite it having over 700 views, well hopefully people are waiting until the last few hours! 



It was, of course, a bitter sweet day. The idea of the event came about as we were selling some of Pauline's creations, she would have been so excited that we were hosting a whole day just about hedgehogs, she would have spent the entire time talking about Hedgehogs, talking to the children and she wouldn't have stopped smiling! 

I think Pauline was with us yesterday, I think she's with us always. Jo 


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