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Decorating the shop

Posted 10/3/2021

We've now been in the 3rd lockdown for 11 and half weeks and I've finally finished decorating the shop.... well half of the downstairs of the shop.... well nearly finished....


The craft room when we moved in 2019The craft room when we moved in 2019

I started the craft room (the room where the safe door is) just after Christmas, but it was so cold in the building I could only bring myself to go in once or twice a week to work on it. This room needed the most work doing to it because the bank had had it as 3 cupboards and a toilet and we wanted it all opened up, so we knocked down those dividing walls which left the floor, walls and ceiling in a terrible condition. We hadn't had enough time to finish it off before we opened in 2019 so being in lockdown was an ideal time to get to work again.The Craft Room today, 2021The Craft Room today, 2021



Once I'd finished the craft room, I started looking at other areas in the shop, the next room to the craft room had had lots of cables, pipes and ducting removed, along with the banks night safe and cash machine, so this room had many holes in the walls and ceiling.


Where the cash machine had been removed 2019Where the cash machine had been removed 2019



And of course once I started finding holes I kept finding more, but that was ok, because the filler covered well and all I had to do was patch over the filler with the same paint we painted the room when we moved in... or so I thought!


Where the cash machine had been, now 2021Where the cash machine had been, now 2021



Unfortunately it was really obviously where had been patched, so I found myself painting the entire ceiling, all the walls, around all the pipe work, in all the nooks and crannies and finishing with the skirting and a really good clean and tidy up. Phew, done! The trouble is the wall opposite the toilet that really needs a good lick of paint has a water leak so I didn't want to paint it until that's fixed, and who knows when that will be. Other than that the shop has been decorated! JC

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