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October Lockdown

Posted 27/10/2020

So the second lockdown (in Monmouthshire) is upon us. We're not able to sell crafts even as take aways, apparently they're not essential (I beg to differ) so me and Deb are coming up with ideas for people to still do crafts at home. Trying to think of things to make

Debs Decoupage on slate and glassDebs Decoupage on slate and glass

from what you may already have in the house isn't easy, luckily

we should only be in lockdown for 2 weeks so we shouldn't have to tax our brains to much!

Its also been a useful time to update our online shop on Etsy with our handmade things. I couldn't believe how much we already had between us, then of course we get talking about things we could make to sell, and suddenly the lockdown doesn't seem long enough! 

Jos hand thrown potsJos hand thrown potsIn all seriousness though, this week is half term, and while we're missing a huge chunk of our revenue with not being able to open, its the atmosphere during the busy times I miss. The work is hard when you're on your feet all day, running here, there and everywhere, one minute making coffees, the next chatting about crafts with customers, but its so rewarding! The children laughing, the parents smiling because their children are happy (or maybe it was because they got a hot cuppa for a change!) either way people are happy.

Morgan and Meg dressed up for work Halloween 2019Morgan and Meg dressed up for work Halloween 2019Our staff are forever staying late on these occasions, and instead of grumbling, they offer to stay even longer, or they might have popped in as customers themselves and without being asked start clearing tables and helping others with their pottery. The ladybird team really is a special breed you know, the kind that's hard to find! Jo

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