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Road Closed.

Posted 15/10/2016

Tintern is a small village located in a valley next to the River Wye. The main road through the village runs around the mountains from Chepstow in the south to Monmouth in the north, taking in brilliant views and wonderful forests. Like any part of the British isles we have our fair share of rain and wind but after yet another storm at the start of this year the south bound carriageway cracked quite noticeably . The next day traffic lights were in place and all traffic had to use the north bound carriageway for a couple of hundred yards. Fast forward to 3rd October when the council close the whole road from St Arvans to Tintern so they can pick the road up, dust it off and place it somewhere near where it was last seen.  So 3.2 miles that takes 6 minutes to drive (according to google maps) is now diverted back to M48, west to Newport then up to Monmouth- but if you're not a HGV or Coach there is another way. The next quickest route takes you up the mountain at St Arvans, take a right turn -where the road becomes single track and winds slowly but surely down through the forest, picks up the river Anghidi Fechan and 14 minutes later comes out in Tintern. Yes it may only be an extra 1.2 miles but it adds an extra 10 minutes (by the time you've reversed, squeezed by and thanked all the oncoming cars a dozen times) to your journey. And that's if you don't take a wrong turn and end up in Abergavenny.  

Sounds straight forward doesn't it?! Well judging by the till, customers are not keen to take the scenic route to Tintern. The shop's quiet and takings are down. Its only for 5 weeks, but the closure can't end quick enough for me, lets' hope November brings mild weather and flush customers. On the plus side I've made so many bowls in the pace and quiet, the shop will be stocked for the next 2 years! 

Set of 4 imprinted bowlsSet of 4 imprinted bowls

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