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Spring Forward

Posted 28/3/2021

This is my favourite weekend of the year, not least because its usually the closest to my birthday, but mostly because its the weekend the clocks go forward.

Blossoms outside our shopBlossoms outside our shop

 I always feel the weather also changes this weekend as we seem to have warmer, sunnier days, the flowers and trees seems to know the clocks have changed and everything starts to bloom. But the best part is the evenings are suddenly light! It feels like every night the sun sets about half an hour later than the last, and before we know it we're in the middle of summer. We can get the garden furniture out, have BBQs, go bear foot, have a warm walk on the beach, or just have all the doors and windows open in the house without freezing to death!

We still have no firm date as to when we can allow customers to sit outside the shop yet, for some reason its safe to have your hair cut or go on holiday, but sitting on our benches that we sanitise between each use is considered unsafe. I'm so desperate to get back to working full time, working 3 days is great, but its lonely. 

Sadly customers still can't sit outsideSadly customers still can't sit outside

The Friday and Saturdays we open 

just for drinks and cakes have become very quiet, I'm baking less cakes on the Thursdays and being too temped with the cakes that are made and sat waiting to be purchased! A lot of people have said this lockdown has been the hardest yet. But a long with lighter evenings we have something else to look forward too, coming out of lockdown. Many scientists are predicting that if we do it properly, if we open up slowly and everyone has the vaccine, we will never need to go back into lockdown, and that is an amazing thought!  So lets enjoy nature starting to come to life, as we also come back to a more normal normal. Jo

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