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As we are in Wales we will be going into lockdown from Friday 23rd October after closing at 6pm, until Monday 9th November, opening at 10am.


 During this time we will be open for Take Aways only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 2pm. 


 You can only buy Food and Drinks to take home.


 You CANNOT collect fired pottery 

 You CANNOT return pottery to be fired until 9th November

We CAN NOT sell crafts.


 You will be asked to enter at the front door, place and wait for your order, then leave via the back door where there are steps. Where possible, one person per household to enter the shop.




Due to Social distancing we have less tables indoors (and some are upstairs) so its highly recommended to book especially for lunch times.  To book a table please phone 01291 422322 during opening hours.


 We use semi skimmed milk unless you request skimmed, Almond or lactose free milk.


Barista Coffee CappuccinoCappuccino

Small 7oz/ Medium 12oz/ Large 15oz

Espresso  Single £1.30/ Double £1.80

Americano Small £1.80/ Medium £2.10/ Large  £2.60

Cappuccino Small £2/ Medium £2.40/  Large£2.90

Latte Small £2/ Medium £2.40/ Large £2.90

Vanilla or Caramel Latte Small £2.50/ Medium £2.90/ Large £3.40

Mocha Small £2.40/ Medium £2.80/ Large £3.30

Flat White Small £2.50/ Medium £2.90/ Large £3.40

Extra shot of Coffee 50p

Syrup shoot 50p

Decaf + 15p

Almond milk + 15p



Tea for One £1.70

Tea for Two £3.20

Herbal Tea for One £1.90

Herbal Tea for Two £3.50


Hot Chocolate with Cream and MarshmallowsHot Chocolate with Cream and MarshmallowsHot Chocolate 

Hot Chocolate small £2.30/ Medium £2.70/ Large £3.20

Hot Mint Choc Small £2.80/ Medium £3.20/ Large £3.70

Orange Hot Chocolate Small £2.80/ Medium £3.20/ Large £3.70

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Small £2.80/ Medium £3.20/ Large £3.70

Caramel Hot Chocolate Small  £2.80/ Medium £3.20/ Large £3.70

Coconut Hot Chocolate Small £2.80/ Medium £3.20/ Large £3.70

Add Cream & Marshmallows 50p


Kids Warm Drinks

Babyccino (Tiny tot of warm froffy milk and marshmallows for your tiny tot) 50p

Chococcino (Tiny warm milky chocolate for your tiny one) 70p


Cold Drinks

Monster Milkshake made with strewberry shake, gummy bears, cream, caramel syrup and a ring doughnut.Monster Milkshake made with strewberry shake, gummy bears, cream, caramel syrup and a ring doughnut.

Milk Shakes

Small 13oz/ Large 18oz

Shmoo milkshake Small £1.99/ Large £2.49

Add Cream and Sweets for 50p

Flavours available Strewberry, Chocolate, Banana or Vanilla

Monster Milkshake

Made with a large Shmoo milkshake, Choose the flavour of shake, the sweets, syrup and either chocolate or cake to finish of your shake £4.49




Cartoon of Juice (Apple or Orange) 60p

Simply Fruity 85p

Glass of Orange Juice £1.30

Glass of Milk £1.40

Bottled Water £1.40


Coca Cola  Classic £1.50

Coca Cola Sugar Free £1.50

Orange Tango £1.50

7up £1.50


Caffe Frappe with CreamCaffe Frappe with Cream

Caffe Frappes (Iced Coffee)

Small 12oz/ Large 20oz

Caffe Frappe Small £2.40/ Large £2.90

Vanilla Caffe Frappe small £2.90/ Large £3.40

Caramel Caffe Frappe Small £2.90/ Large £3.40

Hazelnut Caffe Frappe Small £2.90/ Large £3.40


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