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Decopatch letters, papers and glueDecopatch letters, papers and glue

 We now have 40% off all decopatch shapes!!

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Decopatch is a brand of decoupage. 

Decoupage is the craft of sticking things to other things, its that easy!


All ages can get great results from having a go at Decopatch. We have animals, letters and Christmas items. You choose your patterned papers and glue, then get stick in. You can sit in the shop or take your decopatch home to do. If you choose to stay in the shop, why not enjoy a hot drink or snack while you get creative?

Many of our suppliers are discontinuing Decopatch as its imported, so we are only selling our remaining stock, we won't be restocking. 

To book a table please phone 01291 422322 during opening hours.


Decorating DecopatchDecorating Decopatch

All you do is rip or cut the paper into small pieces, pop some glue on your animal or letter and stick the paper on. When the whole shape is covered in paper, cover it all over with a layer of glue to give it a brilliant shine, and take your Decopatch home the same day. All Decopatch can be done at home.


Decopatch items are prices individually as there are lots of options. 

Small letters £1 each

Large Letters £2.20 each or buy 3 or more and get them for £2 each.



Ex small & small Decopatch animalsEx small & small Decopatch animals



Ex small animal £3 each

Small animal £6.50 each

Medium animal £8.50 each

Large animal £21 each

Ex large animal £23.50


Patterned Papers £1 a sheet or 2 for £1.85 (we can also sell them by the quarter, 25p per quarter)


Decopatch PapersDecopatch Papers







Ex Small Decopatch Shapes, approx 8cm x 6cm, 3D papier-mâché, £3 per shape

Ex Large Decopatch shapes

Decopatch Boxes and Letters


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