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Hand and Foot Imprints


Ceramic Imprints are the Perfect way to celebrate and commemorate the lives of those closes to you. 


Extra Large ImprintExtra Large Imprint


Here at Ladybird Pottery we provide a variety of sizes, colours and wording to customize your imprints to your individual preferences.


Book an appointment with our resident artist- Jo who will go through

the options with you and together build your ideal design.Specialist- imprints with map.Specialist- imprints with map.


You provide the imprints and we do the rest.

After Jo has helped take the imprints in clay, she will cut and shape the clay. If requested the lettering is added at this point. The piece is then left to completely dry, this takes at least a week. When we are satisfied your piece is dry we carefully fill our 93 litre kiln and set the machine for a 13hr fire at 1063 C.


When the kiln has finished it needs to cool for 15hrs before we can unload it. The fired items- called bisque- are now ready to be painted and glazed. Jo will hand paint the imprints and add hand written wording if asked for. 

Medium imprintMedium imprint

After drying, the piece is dipped in clear glaze and again needs to be left until dry. The imprints are now ready for the finial firing. The kiln is carefully loaded again but this time is set for a 7.5hrs firing at 998 C.

After cooling for a further 15hrs the kiln can be unloaded and the pottery inspected to make sure they meet Ladybird Pottery's high standards.



Prices includes the consultation with Jo, the materials and the two kiln firings. 


Large imprintLarge imprint

Small imprintSmall imprint



 Small             £16

Medium          £24

Large             £32

Extra Large   £48

Specialist      £65



 Please Read

With clay, high temperatures and glaze there is always the possibility of a piece cracking or even exploding in the kiln. While every care is taken to try to avoid this, sometimes it can not be prevented. If your item becomes damaged during this process we will replace it, however this may mean the finial piece it not ready within the initial time frame. Please understand that somethings are out of our hands and if you prefer to have a refund instead of a replacement please let the staff know.

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