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 Ladybird Craft Centre takes the privacy of its staff and customers very seriously.

Customers information:

It is necessary to take names and phone numbers of customers who have painted pottery, placed an order, are requesting more information that isn't available at the time, or booking a table for craft or a workshop place. Customer details will only be taken and used for the above reasons. The customers details remain in the receipt books or diaries and are only available to staff of Ladybird Craft Centre. They will only be used as described above and any misuse may result in dismissal of staff.

Once the customer has been contacted and their order or enquiry has been fully dealt with, then their contact information will not be used again. (Fully dealt with being: Pottery or order collected. Information relayed or the date for table or workshop has passed.) The only exception is if there is an error relating to an order or set date or transaction or other error, in this case Ladybird Craft Centre staff will work to resolving the error quickly.

It is necessary to keep receipt books and diaries of Ladybird Craft Centre for at least 7 years for accounting and tax proposes. However at all times and where reasonable practical, the books will remain in a secure location where only staff of Ladybird Craft Centre will have access.

Ladybird Craft Centre will never use customer information for marketing, cold calling, sending addition retail information or any other reason, other than the reason the contact information was taken in the first place. Ladybird Craft Centre will never sell or give away or swap customers information with any other business, charity, organisation or other third party. We will make every effect within what is reasonably practical, to keep customers information private at all times.JC

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