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Coffee Shop Menu



Our Last Trading day is Thursday 25th April.


Our Big "EVERYTHING MUST GO" Sale will be on Saturday 27th April from 10am. All remaining furniture and equipment will be for sale at really low prices. 

To book a table please phone 01291 422322 during opening hours.

Drinks and Cakes served all Day

Click here for Drinks Menu 

 Please order at the Counter.

Please tell the staff of any food allergies when ordering.

Gluten Free Bread or Cakes and Coconut Milk or Oat Milk are available upon request for an extra charge.

All our food is made to order and most is prepared from scratch right here at Ladybird Craft Centre.

 Snacks served 10am to 2pm.


 No Frills Snacks £3.49 each


Cheese Panini

 Ham Panini

 Cheese and Ham Panini

 Cheese and Marmite Panini


 Beans on Toast

 Bacon Sandwich


 Extra filling add 75p/ bacon £1.40

 Gluten free bread or toast add 60p


 Small appetite Snacks


1 Slice  /  2 Slices

 Toast, Brown or White Bread   £1.55 /   £1.75

 Beans on Toast                      £2.65 /    £3.49

 Cheese and Ham Sandwich £2.65/    £3.49


Extra filling add 75p


Kids Snack Boxes

Snack Boxes with Pom bear crisps, box of raisins, chocolate biscuit, piece of fruit and carton of juice and small cheese or ham sandwich  £4.95


 Puddings Served 10am to 2pm.

Cream TeaCream Tea

Cream Tea Scone, Butter or Marge, Jam, Clotted Cream and either Tea for One or a small Americano.     £4.95

Choc Orange CakeChoc Orange Cake


Toasted Tea Cake with marge and Jam   £2.50


Homemade Cakes see display stands on the counter. Add ice Cream, squirty cream or clotted cream to your cake for an extra charge.


Gluten Free Cakes available on request.


Ice Creams

Small SundaeSmall Sundae

Small Sundae £3.75    Large Tray Sundae £5.75

  1. Choose your Ice Cream flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry.
  2. Choose mixed sweets or mixed chocolates or both
  3. Choose sauce; Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry.
  4. Do you want Cream?
  5. Choose a Chocolate Flake or a Wafer.


Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream available

(and it’s lovely)




Small Waffle (1 waffle, 2 scoops of ice cream) £4.99

Large Waffle (2 waffles, 4 scoops of ice cream) £6.99


Biscoffle WaffleBiscof WaffleBiscof Waffle

Warm Waffle, Vanilla ice cream, biscoff sauce, biscoff biscults, biscoff crumb and squirty cream.



Chocolate WaffleChocolate Waffle

Chocolate Waffle

Warm Waffle, Chocolate ice cream, mixed chocolates, Chocolate sauce, Chocolate flake and squirty cream.


Banana WaffleBanana WaffleBanana Waffle

Warm waffle, Vanilla ice cream, sliced banana, caramel sauce, biscuit crumb and squirty cream.




Monster Milkshakes


Monster Milkshake Monster Milkshake Monsters come in one size; Monster Size £5.45


  1. Choose Flavour of Shake
  2. Choose topping; Marshmallows, Smarties or Mixed sweets
  3. Choose Sauce; Strawberry, Chocolate or Caramel.
  4. Choose your Monster; Banana, Cookie, Ring Doughnut or Mars Bar

Monsters come with squirty cream to help balance the toppings and Monster, just let us know if you don’t want cream. 

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