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Coffee Shop Menu


 To book a table please phone 01291 422322 during opening hours.

 Please Order at the Counter.

Please tell the staff of any food allergies when ordering.

 We use marge vegetable spread unless you request butter, and semi-skimmed milk unless you request otherwise. Gluten Free Rolls are available upon request for an extra 50p.

All our food is made to order and most is prepared from scratch right here at Ladybird Craft Centre.

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Snack Menu

served 9.30am until half an hour before closing.


1 Slice/ 2 Slices

Toast, Brown or White Bread   £1.30/ £1.50

Beans on Toast    £2.20/ £3.20

Cheese on Toast     £2.40/£3.40


Bacon Sandwich £3.75

Lighty Salted Tortillas £2

Cheesy Tortillas  £3



Kids Snack boxes

 Snack Boxes with Pom bear crisps, a tube yogurt, chocolate biscuit and carton of juice  £2.95


Snack box with the above and a small sandwich (1 slice of bread)    £3.95


Snack box with the above and a large sandwich (2 slices of bread)   £4.45


Sandwich choice Cheese, Ham or Jam




Lunch Menu 

Served 10am to 2.30pm daily

Salad bowlSalad bowl


Choose your salad items from the list at the counter.

Plain Salad           £3.20

Egg Salad   £3.95

Cheese Salad     £4.00

Ham Salad        £4.00

Coronation Chicken              £4.40

Tuna and Sweetcorn Mayo Salad   £4.40


Sandwiches come with Salad, Coleslaw and Tortilla ChipsSandwiches come with Salad, Coleslaw and Tortilla Chips




Served with a side salad, coleslaw and tortilla chips.

 Homemade Egg Mayo    £3.95

 Tuna and Sweetcorn Mayo    £4.40

 Coronation Chicken £4.40

 Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato £4.50

 Cheese, Ham and Tomato   £4.45

  Extra filling     75p each


Jacket Potato with Tuna and SweetcornJacket Potato with Tuna and Sweetcorn                                   Jacket Potatoes


Served with side salad and coleslaw

 Plain with Butter                £4.00

 Baked Beans                        £4.60

 Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo    £5.00

 Coronation Chicken            £5.00

 Cheese & Beans               £5.00

 Bacon and Beans              £5.00


Extra fillings 75p each



Ploughmans LunchPloughmans Lunch


Ploughman's Lunch

Includes Cheese, Ham, Picked Onions,

 Bread Roll and Salad    £5.25







 Toasties and Panini

Cheese & Tomato PaninoCheese & Tomato Panino


Served with side salad, coleslaw and tortilla chips

Toastie/ Panino

 Mature Cheese                                   £4.40    £4.60

 Cheese and Marmite                            £4.60   £4.80

 Ham and Tomato                                 £4.60    £4.80

 Cheese and Ham                                 £4.80   £5.00

Cheese, Tuna & sweetcorn                 £4.90    £5.10


 Extra fillings 75p each



Scone, Jam & Clotted CreamScone, Jam & Clotted CreamTreats

Served All Day


 Cream Tea: Scone, Butter or Marge, Jam, Clotted Cream and either Tea for One or a small Americano.     £4.20


Toasted Tea Cake   £2.20


Homemade After 8 CakeHomemade After 8 Cake


Homemade Cakes from £2.25 see

display stands on the counter.


Gluten Free Brownies or Cakes from    £1.95

Please ask the staff


Homemade Honey Flap JacksHomemade Honey Flap Jacks






Cookies   £1.20

Flap Jacks    £1.20

Crisps   from 95p

Chocolate bars 69p

Boarders Biscuits    75p


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